Homoeopathy is an ultramodern system of therapeutic having a holistic approach towards the patient care, which considers much the individuality of patients in treating their diseases. Being a novel system with ever increasing knowledge owing to the world wide researches, new medicines are being invented and added to the ever increasing armamentarium of homoeopathic therapeutics. High specificity in the selection of remedies is a cut end need of for homoeopathy and repertory, by properly indexing them, helps the homoeopathic physician the most in remedy selection from among the many indicated medicines for providing safe and quick cure for the suffering humanity.

Department of case taking and repertorisation was established in 1975 right from the beginning of the college with Dr. K.B Ramesh as HOD.  Initially the OPD and IPD were shared in common with other departments.  Later on with the development of college separate OPD, library, seminar halls etc were established for the department which helped the department to stand among the most popular department of the college. Several eminent doctors like Dr. G Sadanandan, Dr. B.P Sekharan, and Dr. P Renu Mathew were teachers in this department.  The MD (hom) course was started in the department in 1996 and has put out 68 post graduates till date, many of them holding up the prestige of department by being well known homoeopathic physicians.


Department of case taking and repertorisation imparts in under graduate students the proper skill of Homoeopathic individualization and develops their ability in making expert prescriptions and treatment, incorporating the knowledge acquired from all through the four and a half years of bhms course into the repertory knowledge.  Theory classes, practical demonstrations and training in case management by proper use of classic repertories are being given to the UG student, PG students and interns.  Students are familiarized with use of computer repertories in internship by practical training.  In addition advanced use of modern repertories and computer repertories along with an in depth knowledge of classic and lod repertories, and related subjects are taught to pg students along with their practical application.  Research aptitudes are being imparted in pg students by providing facilities for their thesis work.  Separate seminars and group discussions incorporating internet facilities help the post graduates to keep updated on recent advancement in medical science.



  1.    Department Library     

  2.    Computer   

  3.    OPD – 6 days/week with an average of 2500 patients/month      

  4.    IPD – average of 25 patients/month          

  5.    PG course    

  6.    Seminars  

  7.    Tutorials   

  8.    Journal & Website reviews   

  9.    Clinical discussions    

 10. Softwares-isis, radar, hompath, clinician   

 11. Special OP-Cosmeto dermatology


We are using the most modern Medical Software’s like

  • Radar Opus from Belgium
  • Complete Dynamics from USA
  • ISIS from England
  • Hompath Wildfire from India

This innovative Homeopathic Software’s will help in Analysis, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Repertorisation and Selection of remedy - so that you will get accurate remedies with very high speedy cure.


A cosmetology clinic is also run by the faculty of Department of case taking and repertorisation. Both UG and PG students will get training in unique topics like "How to set up a clinic", "Integration of Clinical and non-clinical subjects"," What after BHMS", "Accessory managements in Homoeopathy practice", "Case taking in different clinical situations like OPD, IPD, Rural, Psychiatric, Paediatric cases etc



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  5.    Dr. ANJU C RAJ

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