HOSTEL-Rules and Regulations (Men and Women)


Hostel accommodation is provided in separate buildings for both men and women. Students should live in the hostels unless exempted by the principal on the ground that they are living with their parents or guardians.


v  The hostel shall be under the control of the chief warden.

v  The principal will be ipso facto the chief warden of all the hostels.

v  The warden's decision shall be final in the interpretation of rules and in all matters connected with the hostel. He shall in consultation with the college committee of management have the power to modify, suspend, cancel or add to any of these rules as exigencies occur.


v  Admission is ordinarily restricted to students of the Govt homoeopathic medical college, Calicut.

v  Students requiring accommodation should apply in the prescribed form with a registration fee of Rs 5/- (five) .If admitted, admission to the hostel is subject to renewal every academic year, with registration fee of Rs. 5/- (five).

v  Applications will be registered in the order in which they received and rooms allotted in the order.  Applications not in proper form and unaccompanied by registration fee will be rejected.

N.b: The chief warden will have the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning reasons.

v  The registration fee will be forfeited if the student does not occupy the room within a week of its allotment.

v  A limit number of staff members may be accommodated in the hostel at the discretion of the warden.

v  Members of staff of the college and hospital will be taken as members of the hostel -mess under the special rules approved by the warden. This can be obtained on application from the hostel office.

Caution deposit

Each resident on admission should pay Rs. 1000/- as caution deposit and 3 months advance rent at the time of admission. The residents have to pay the mess advance fixed from time to time by the mess committee &5% of the mess advance will be returned if the resident vacates the hostel within 6 months and 75% of the mess advance will returned if the resident vacates the hostel after 6 months.

Discipline declaration

Each student on admission should if he/she is a major sign a declaration in the form approved, if he/she minor, the undertaking should be given by the parent or guardian.

Allotment of room

Rooms will be allotted at the discretion of the Chief warden / warden. No request for change of rooms in the middle of the year will be entertained.


v  Each resident will be provided with one shelf, one cot, and one table, one chair without -arm and coat stand. One soiled linen box and one stool for which he/she should give a receipt and for the safety of which he/she shall be responsible. Residents should provide their own bedding, box or trunk to lock things in.

v  Own furniture: Residents may supplement the furniture provided with their own, but only after obtaining the written permission of the warden.

N. b: The hostel authorities will not be responsible for the loss of the boarder's private property.

Electric light

Rooms are provided with electric light. Residents should see that the lights are switched off when they go to the sleep or when they leave the room otherwise a charge of fifty paisa each time will be recovered from each occupant of the room irrespective of whom, was responsible for the neglect. No resident is allowed to have additional electric fittings without the written permission of the chief warden / warden.

Room rent

The rent for the rooms will be as fixed for each hostel from time to time. These rates will apply in the ease of members of the teaching staff also.

Electricity and water charges

The average amount will be arrived at per head for the effective payment electricity and water charges.


Students passing out of the college or discontinuing their studies, or those desirous of residing with their parents or guardians will be permitted to leave the hostel on application to the warden/asst. Warden only at the end of the term and not in the middle of the term except on medical grounds approved by the chief warden/ warden. Students who are living in the hostel and who wish to reside outside with their relatives must produce a letter from their parents or guardians authorizing them to do so before leaving the hostel. On no account should they leave the hostel before they are permitted to do so by the chief warden/ warden.

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