HOSTEL-Rules and Regulations (Men and Women)


v    There is provision for vegetarian and non-vegetarian masses.

v    Before the first day of the every month the inmates of each mess shall (from among themselves) elect a representative who subject to the control of the chief warden/warden will see to the proper control of the mess, for the month. All complaints relating to the mess shall- be made only by the representative. The chief warden / warden shall have power to nominate one among the resident (inmates of the respective mess) until the representative is duly elected.

v   No inmate except the respective shall take meals in the messes to which he/she does not belong. Members are not allowed to change from one mess to another except at the beginning of the month. Such changes should have the prior approval of the warden-asst. Warden.

v   The hours of the meals will ordinarily be:

Breakfast: 07:00 am to 08:00 am

Lunch     : 12:00 pm to 02:00 pm

Tea         : 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Dinner     : 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

    On previous intimation to the head cook meals will be kept after 9:30 pm.

v   Sick diet will be provided for members who are ill, on the advice of the chief warden/warden.

v   Extra meals will not be sent to the rooms of the members.

v   Members: are not allowed to take cups, saucer, tumblers,
davaras and other utensils of the hostel their rooms under any circumstances.

v   Establishment charges: Each resident should pay establishment charges per head per mensem as fixed from time to time to meet the wages of cook and mess boys.

v  All expenses in connection with the engagement of the persons for running the hostel mess including the wages, statutory payments required under the minimum wages act and Epf act and similar laws in force shall be calculated in advance and the amount collected from the hostellers by the end of every month.

·         The mess committee shall pay the workers. At the end of every month, and

·         Clear all the statutory liabilities then and there.

Reduction of mess charge will be granted to absentees subject to the following conditions:

v      Printed absentee slips which can be obtained from the office of the mess department to be filled and signed by the member who intents b absent himself / herself and handed over to the steward at least one day in advance.

v    A member is entitled to get reduction only if resident has been absent for at least three days consecutively in a calendar month.

v    The rate of reduction shall ordinarily be 75 % per day. If the number of days of absents: does not exceed seven consecutive days.

v      If the member has been absent from the mess for more than seven consecutive days, reduction will be granted at the daily rate provided he/she has given previous notice of his / her absence.

v     The charge for extras such as milk, hot water and oil bath shall be fixed by the warden assist. Warden from time to time and duly noticed.

v   The extras taken by the members will be entered in book which will be open for inspection by the members. Any error noticed must represented to the steward in writing not later than the succeeding day is the 1) the list of dues from members shall be put up on the notice board by the 7th of every month. -members shall be required to pay the same not later than the 15th of the month failing which the parent or guardian will be informed about the delay in paying the draft.

v   The ledgers -showing the calculation of mess dues will be available for inspection by the students for three days after the dues put up on the notice board any error noticed in the calculation reported to the chief warden/ warden. Warden in writing before the expiry of this period, failing which no notice will be taken of such complaint.


v  No resident is allowed to bring the guest into the hostel without the permission of the chief warden/ warden. The member introducing the guest is responsible for all the charges incurred by the guest. Guests win be charged at rates fixed from time to time as per day exclusive of mess charges and no guest shall remain in the hostel for more than three days, unless under exceptional circumstances. The guests will be charged in addition to the above rates a consolidated sum fixed from time to time for miscellaneous items for the full calendar month and should there be one or more vacant seats in the sections of hostel the guest will be treated as a regular member of that section of the hostel and be charged room rent in addition, according to rules. No guest who visits Calicut for purpose of litigation or for medical treatment shall be kept in hostel by its inmates.

v    No member may introduce more than one guest at a time without the previous sanction of the warden/asst warden. The guests shall not be transferred from one member to another.


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